Parklink is the free app that will change the way you find a parking spot, forever.

Find the closest free parking spot at a tap of a button. Locate the available parking spots nearby, select the one you prefer and get instructions how to drive there directly from your smartphone.

Instead of trying to find a parking spot by driving around randomly or paying to park in a garage get in the Parklink swarm. Choose the spot that best fits your needs: the nearest, the largest, the safest.

Share with the Parklink community a parking spot you just spotted at a tap of button. Sharing is caring!

Help your fellow Parklinkers, the environment and all drivers by contributing the parking spots you spot! So sit back, relax and for the first time enjoy parking your car!

Why and how to parklink

No more lost time
No more parking fees
No more parking tickets
No more parking stress
Reduce your carbon footprint
Reduce traffic
Reduce your fuel costs
Help the other drivers
Have fun by trying to be the top Parklinker
To find a spot just open the app,

choose the one you prefer and

follow the directions

To contribute a spot just press the "+" button,

if you wish add size and type info and

then just press "+" again

To check you profile, your ranking and

your credit just use the menu


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Choose your native platform and get started!

It is free!


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